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The Edition Strassacker

Dear Art Lovers and Collectors,

For four generations our family enterprise has been dedicated to art casting. We are one of the internationally leading manufacturers and have the experience and craftsmanship that is absolutely necessary to cast in bronze the works of famous artists and sculptors.

It is the interplay of artistic expressiveness and skilled craftsmanship that makes bronze art so unique. It places the highest demands on artists and well as craftsmen and repeatedly makes it necessary to strike out on new paths with regard to technology. In our online shop, you will find bronze sculptures made in our workshops in recent years. Each of them is the result of close collaboration with an artist who has placed his entire trust in us to realize his ideas.


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Our craft

Bronze has been used as a symbolic expression of eternity for more than 4,000 years. The internationally leading manufacturer of Edition Strassacker successfully creates a symphony of history and modernity in extraordinary bronze sculptures.

Tradition since 1919

Art foundry in Süssen

Created for eternity

Art of bronze casting

Perfected in thousends of years

Lost wax technique

A proven technique for reliefs

Sand casting

Finest handcraft

Chasing and adding patinas


If you have any questions about online orders, Strassacker Edition, our art catalogue (printed version) or our artists, simply contact us.

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