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Bronze sculptures for indoor and outdoor

Discover high-quality bronze sculptures from Edition Strassacker by national and international artists. Perfect for art lovers who want to buy a unique bronze statue. Each sculpture tells its own story, captured in the timeless elegance of bronze – an investment in art and aesthetics for those who are looking for something special.

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Experience the captivating world of bronze sculptures created by artists

Explore the fascinating world of bronze sculptures with our collection of unique figures that embody the timeless elegance of bronze statuary. Our selection showcases the skill of renowned national and international artists.

Many of our bronze sculptures are strictly limited and come with a hand-signed certificate, making it a valuable investment in art.
Whether for indoor or outdoor use, find your perfect piece here.

Discover exclusive bronze figures! Order our current sculpture catalogs today or use the catalogue download. Order the art catalogue now!

Bronze casting: precision craftsmanship in detail

The artist's idea is transformed into a bronze sculpture through an elaborate craftsmanship process. Each step is carried out with care and attention to detail, from mould making to lost wax techinque and artistic finishing by skilled chiselers. The final patination gives each work of art a unique appearance. Explore a selection of limited edition bronze sculptures in the Edition Strassacker online shop – timeless art for eternity.

Learn more about bronze casting.


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