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Bronze sculptures

Discover artistic figures made of bronze for indoors and out. The bronze statues in the Edition Strassacker stand for high-quality art by famous national and international artists.

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Immerse yourself in the »World of Art«

Edition Strassacker offers a unique selection of bronze art. All bronze sculptures are published directly with the artists and are only available exclusively through Edition Strassacker.
Take a tour of the World of Art with Edition Strassacker and discover bronze figures from numerous national and international artists. All bronze sculptures are strictly limited and are delivered with a personally signed certificate. These limited-edition bronze sculptures are not only an investment in art, but also a store of value.

Realise your vision in your house and garden or at your business premises and create a special place for a work of art. The bronze sculptures of Edition Strassacker give each establishment its own individual artistic touch.

In the Edition Strassacker online shop, you will discover artistic bronze figures for indoors and outdoors. The bronze statues of Edition Strassacker represent exquisite art of renowned national and international artists.


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