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Sculptures 2024/25

Edition Strassacker


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Sculptures 2023/24


Excellent quality of the casting and workmanship
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Our art catalogues

Edition Strassacker regularly publishes art catalogues with exclusive bronze sculptures for indoor and outdoor use. Request or download the catalogue now.

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Garden Sculptures 2024/25

Discover our garden sculptures and give your garden area an unique touch.

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Sculpture editions 2023/24

Discover bronze art, presented in selected interiors.

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Our theme worlds

Enhance your life with art by buying sculptures and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of themes brought to life by high-quality bronze sculptures.

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Family and Community

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Creative humor

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Our manufacturer guarantees

The sculptures of Edition Strassacker are created exclusively in our own workshop in Süßen, from the modelling to the final finishing of the cast bronze. Discover the unique world of art sculptures by purchasing high-quality bronze figures directly from us. Experience the passion and precision that goes into every work of art and enjoy the convenience of buying art online.

  • authenticity
  • quality
  • exclusivity
  • limitation
  • free delivery
  • Return guarantee

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