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Pawel Andryszewski (1963)

Pawel Andryszewski was born in Poznan and attended the local "State Secondary School of Fine Arts" (Staatliche Oberschule für Bildende Künste) from 1978 to 1984. He continued with a study of painting, graphics and sculpture at the Art Academy Poznan from 1984-1990.

As a young student, even before his diploma degree in sculpture and sculptural forms, Andryszewski was able to win his first awards.

Since 1992 Andryszewski has been working as a freelance artist. He has worked as a designer for the natural stone industry at home and abroad. He has also created a number of works in natural stone, mainly in the last twenty years that have found a home throughout Germany and Switzerland.

The great artistic range that emerged at the art academy at a young age was retained. Today, Andryszewski is equally active in the field of drawing, painting and sculpture and as of late, has increasingly been dealing with the material bronze. His sculptural work is of high realistic accuracy.


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