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Chasing and adding patinas


Once the chaser has separated the sprue channels and air outlet channels and possibly welded together the multi-part cast, he takes great care in reworking the surfaces with chasing iron (chasing tools) or a chisel, file, scraper, grinding and polishing tools. Faces, muscles and ornaments are created in concentrated sub-operations, nuancen are accentuated and the special features of the object are highlighted. The artist has the opportunity to accompany the subsequent processing or even to lend a hand. Artists and craftsmen often work hand in hand when it comes to detail chasing or finishing.


Patinating is the last step in the implementation of an artistic work. The patineur anticipates the natural process of oxidation. Depending on which influence the copper alloy is exposed to, bronze changes over time. In direct collaboration, the vision of the artist concerning the colour nuances of patination should be exactly met and implemented. To this end, Strassacker provides a unique variety of traditional recipes for patination solutions. The art object is first dipped into a patina bath for a specified period. Then more patination solutions are applied by hand and burned in with a gas flame. This allows each special colour nuance and shade to be achieved in order to intensify the character and appearance of the artwork. Finally, the patinated surface is sealed.


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