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Our art catalogues

Every year, several high-quality art catalogues appear in the Edition Strassacker. Take advantage of the opportunity and don’t hesitate to order your personal copy that will be sent to you by mail within a few days. As an alternative, you can also download the latest issue in the convenient PDF format.

Sculpture-Editions 2023/24

In the Edition catalogues, you will find exclusive, limited edition bronze sculptures which have a particularly strong impact indoors. Experience bronze art presented in selected interiors.


Garden sculptures 2024/25

When spring begins and delights us with the first warm rays of sun, it won't be long before nature awakens: With our sculptures you can set artistic accents in your home and garden.

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Do you have any questions about ordering the Edition Strassacker or the art catalogue (print version) online, or concerning our artists? Please get in contact with us.

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Our guarantees

From modelling to the final precision machining of the cast bronzes, the works in the Edition Strassacker are produced exclusively in our workshops in Süssen and by the hands of our craftsmen.

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