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Art foundry in Süßen

Art casting – as a family-run enterprise, Strassacker has dedicated itself to this ancient craft. In 1919, Ernst Strassacker founded the art foundry in Süssen (Baden-Württemberg). Today, about 500 employees are involved in the design, casting and processing of art objects at the company headquarters and the French branch.

As managing director, Edith Strassacker is responsible for running the family enterprise in the fourth generation. The operational activities focus on the preservation and promotion of arts and crafts skills. In addition, technological processes and operational procedures are constantly being developed. We ensure the long-term significance of our art foundry as a competent partner of artists, sculptors, architects, municipalities and art collectors in the area of artist casting/customised designs through our high quality, sound experience and continuous training of craftsmen.

With plants and representatives throughout the world, our art foundry is among the leading international manufacturers. In the studios, the foundry, the chasing and patination workshops, sophisticated sculptures and aesthetic objects, modern architectural elements and large sculptures are created by renowned artists and designers who connect generations through their lasting significance.


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