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Hermann zur Strassen (1926)

Hermann zur Strassen attended the Academy of Fine Arts (Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste) in Lima/ Peru from 1951 to 1954, after which he continued his studies under Hans Mettels tutelage as a master student at the Städel school in Frankfurt from 1954 to 1956. Since 1960, he has been working as a freelance sculptor. Zur Strassen is a member of the Professional Association of Visual Artists, of the Frankfurter circle and the artist community of 1857.

The sculptural theme of the artist is 'the human being with all his/her contradictions, his/her physical and emotional constitution". Zur Srassen is an artist of strict form; his characteristic is his restriction for the essentials and the consequent avoidance of the needless.

Zur Strassen's art works have been displayed in many exhibitions at home and abroad. Several of his works are in public and private ownership.

Sculptures by Hermann zur Strassen


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