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Monika Wex (1963)

Monika Wex is a studied art educator (Kunstpädagogin) and, the last 20 years, has worked as such in a number of facilities - at a high school (Gymnasium), at the community college (Volkshochschule), but most of all and to this day at the University of Augsburg, at the Free Academy of Art Augsburg and for some years at the Art Academy in Bad Reichenhall.

Her career as an artist is of similar length. Although "only" since 2004, she has worked exclusively as a freelance artist, she has spent half her life as a member of the Professional Association of Artists and has already distinguished herself early with drawings, paintings, sculptures and objects. While her graphic work still usually remains clearly representational (as in nudes and portraits), she preferred her sculptural work to be strict, almost geometric shaped. This can be seen in her sculpture "Beschützerin" and "Hinauf" which have the shape of a bird, the object represented still remains recognizable. In 2009 Monika Wex was awarded the first Arts Award of the district of Günzburg.


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