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Achim Kühn (1942)

Achim Kühn is the son of the internationally renowned metal sculptor and photographer Fritz Kühn (1910-1967), whose work decidedly put its stamp on the architectural aesthetics of the post-war period in Berlin and all of Germany – East as well as West. Having trained as a metalsmith and studied architecture, he took over his father’s studio and workshop, and has long enjoyed a reputation of international fame: more than sixty works in public spaces and a large number of large and small sculptures testify to this, and he is also prominent in the “Kunst am Bau” with nearly one hundred works. Solo and group exhibitions present his work in Germany, Europe, Asia and the USA.

The process of forging itself is the essential foundation for Kühn, especially in his freelance works. He places great value on shaping the surface of the material to show traces of the smith’s work. The result can nonetheless appear light as a feather, despite all the weightiness of the material – for instance, Kühn’s huge “Wind Chimes” in Berlin Adlershof and in Rostock, which softly turn in the wind.

Sculptures by Achim Kühn


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