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Hans Neuwirth (1937)

After completing a "stone sculptor apprenticeship with a master's degree" (Steinbildhauerlehre mit Meistergrad) and gaining several years of experience in the parental stone mason firm, Hans Neuwirth studied operation at the "advanced technical college" (Fachhochschule) for design in Schwäbisch Gmünd, under the tutelage of Fritz Nuss from 1966 to 1973. Study tours have taken him to France, Italy and Greece. Since 1973, Neuwirth is a freelance sculptor, but he also convinces as a draftsman, printmaker and medallist. The artist, a member of the Association of Artists in Württemberg and the Confederation of Free sculptor, has had his work shown in many solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad. In addition, he has had numerous public and private orders in stone, wood and bronze casting.


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