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Hermann Schwahn (1926 - 2002)

Hermann Schwahn was an extremely versatile artist who in his 50 years as a freelance artist has left an impressive selection of art behind. After studying at the Academy in Stuttgart, he settled in Göppingen Hohenstaufen. He felt so committed to the region that he used "Hohenstaufen" in his name. Here and throughout the region, his sculptural works are ubiquitous. Schwahn designed among other things, the Staufer fountain at Renaissance castle in Göppingen and the partnership fountains with designs from the history of Göppingen and its partner cities.

A comprehensive memorial exhibition was held for his 80th birthday at Castle Filseck, here we were shown a vast range of his works. Schwahn worked as a draftsman and painter whose imagery of precise realism (designed stamp portraits, among others, to Friedrich von Bodelschwingh and Karl Barth) spread to the free abstraction of imagery. Last but not least, beside his big public contracts he created small sculptures like loving animal representations.


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