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Kurt Ewald

Kurt Ewald arrived late to the painting and sculpture scene. The trigger was a long hospital stay in 1968. The most important techniques he develop himself, after which he took lessons from the painter couple Marianne and Günter Heinemann.

In 1980, Ewald found an interest in the representation of human figures in clay. At this stage he had the sculptor Lothar Forster as his teacher and counsellor. This was preceded by a long period of free nude drawings with the artist circle of VKU in Würzburg.

In 1992 Ewald learned the art of the bronze moulding in the foundry Lenz in Nuremberg. In 1998, he was able to lease the former water plant in Eßfeld at Giebelstadt and was able to expand the building to the sculptor's studio and exhibition space. Since 2001, he runs the "Wasserhaus" community studio in Eßfeld with his wife Ursula Maurer.

Since 1980, Ewald is a member of the artist circle of VKU in Würzburg. His work has been presented in solo exhibitions at home and abroad.

Sculptures by Kurt Ewald


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