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Rinaldo Bigi (1941)

Rinaldo Bigi was born in Pietrasanta, near the famous marble quarries of Carrara. So, one of the materials which he was to work with later on in his life was right at his feet when he was just a baby. Bigi completed his studies in 1964 at the renowned Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara and taught - while his own work took shape - at art schools in Carrara and Lucca. In 1983, when he was in his early forties, he was appointed to be the chairman of techniques of sculpture at his home academy.

His artistic success began earlier. In the 1960s, people became aware of him in Italy. In 1970, his first solo exhibition took place in New York, which introduced his name to international critics. Numerous exhibitions followed, in Italy and abroad. Bigi is established as a painter and as a sculptor alike. In his sculptural works, the liveliness of his characters is praised. Here he shows himself as a complete traditional artist, which he achieves through the implementation of various classical themed mythologies.


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