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Blauer Morphofalter 229,00 €

Blauer Morphofalter

Bronze sculpture details

"When a little blue butterfly wings (...) I saw happiness beckoning to me" says Hermann Hesse. Endless things have been written about the beauty of butterflies. but they are actually even more important: to the scientist, they are considered "bioindicators" - when butterflies are present, the ecological world is (still) in order.

Edition in bronze, cast using the lost wax technique, chased and patinated by hand.

Kind bronze
Production technique Lost Wax Technique
Style Figurative

Atelier Strassacker

We present exclusive bronze art from the "Strassacker Studio" made by our modellers , cast with the same care and workmanship as the limited editions. However, they are not limited with a few exceptions and thus we can offer them at significantly lower prices.


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Bronzefigur «Blauer Morphofalter» aus dem Atelier Strassacker Bronzefigur «Blauer Morphofalter» aus dem Atelier Strassacker