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Bronze garden sculptures

Design your garden with a bronze garden figure. Discover the many different top-quality, Edition Strassacker garden sculptures on offer in limited and unlimited editions.

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Bronze art for the garden

Bronze is a special kind of material. Because it is extraordinarily weather resistant, it is ideal for the garden. Have you ever considered customising your garden with art? Edition Strassacker offers you a wide-ranging offer of different sculptures for the garden. Whether you put together fairy tale characters, decorate the garden pond with fish and water birds, or present a whole theatrical performance with “birds’ wedding”, bronze figures let you turn the garden into an individual stage that tells stories.

Exclusive garden figures

The wide range of Edition Strassacker bronze sculptures on offer for the garden has been constantly growing in years past. Whether a bronze miniature of a living being, life-size figures, or a character piece with a touch of humour, they are all wrought by the ancient handicraft of bronze casting. The Edition Strassacker garden figures are therefore not to be compared with the brass and iron casts usually found at home-improvement markets. The range includes both unlimited as well as limited garden sculptures by well-known artists. All the bronze sculptures are cast to the high quality standards of the Kunstgießerei Strassacker art foundry in Süssen. The limited sculptures are always strictly limited to a few specimens and exclusively available at this shop.

Discover the wide range of bronze art and use it to customise your garden. Edition Strassacker offers you delivery free of charge with every garden sculpture you purchase and in addition gives you a bronze lizard with each order of € 250.00 or more.


If you have any questions about online orders, Strassacker Edition, our art catalogue (printed version) or our artists, simply contact us.

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Our guarantees

From modelling to the final precision machining of the cast bronzes, the works in the Edition Strassacker are produced exclusively in our workshops in Süssen and by the hands of our craftsmen.

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