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Zwei Verliebte von Göttingen 4.590,00 €

Zwei Verliebte von Göttingen

Bronze sculpture details

In their balance between raw power and depicted vulnerability, the Siptrotts‘ sculptures look like modern descendants of the antique divine and heroic figures.

Edition in bronze, cast using the lost wax technique, chased and patinated by hand.

Kind bronze
Production technique Lost Wax Technique
Genre Figurative

France & Hugues Siptrott

France and Hugues Siptrott are sculptors married to each other who have been living on an isolated farmstead in a valley tucked away in the Vosges mountains since 1984, where they are working together on their very own idea of sculpture. 


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Bronzefigur Zwei Verliebte von Göttingen von France & Hugues Siptrott Bronzefigur Zwei Verliebte von Göttingen von France & Hugues Siptrott