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Anette Biedinger (1963)

For Anette Biedinger, the path to the visual arts led via the design of the
of the human being for the stage. Biedinger completed her studies in 1991 at the Biedinger completed her studies in mask design at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts in 1991, but even then she also studied sculpture as a fine art in an evening course. The former led to her profession: Biedinger had already put her craftsmanship and her wealth of artistic ideas at the service of numerous artists and her wealth of artistic ideas in the service of numerous stage productions (e.g. at the Wagner Festival in Bayreuth, the Salzburg Festival and the Ruhr the Ruhrtriennale), but also numerous museums and exhibitions.

The latter also accompanies her to this day and in her free works, as in her professional ones, people are the focus of her interest. This is also the case here, where she shows with a humorous wink and full of affection for her "models" that you don't need a slim body to perform yoga postures of the highest elegance.



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