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Bettina Scholl-Sabbatini (1941)

The Luxembourger Bettina Scholl-Sabbatini is the daughter of the sculptor Aurelio Sabbatini. She studied ceramics and sculpture at “L’istituto d’arte Sesto Fiorentino” in Florence with Professor Bonomi from 1963 to 1967; later there followed studies of painting and drawing at the “Académie de la Grande-Chaumière” in Paris with professors Jérome and Brayer. Many of the artist’s works are found in public spaces. Scholl-Sabbatini’s works have already been exhibited in Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, France, Belgium and Italy. Her work for the NGO “Soroptimist International” in Africa prompted her to take a deep interest in African art. Scholl-Sabbatini’s totems are by no means copies of ethnological totems, but rather attempts to recast the mystery surrounding them into a modern pictorial idiom.


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