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Elya Yalonetski (1973)

Elya Yalonetski studied at the art school Vasnetzov in Abramtsevo and lived in Israel and Moscow before moving to Berlin. Her works allow the viewer to involuntarily think about the works of the great Marc Chagall, but they also remind people of the motifs of the magician 'Vitebsk'. Yalonetski dedicated herself to fairy tales and legendary figures, angels, and time and again the subject of lovers. She draws it like Chagall from the imagery of Eastern European Jewish tradition and at the same time from the Orthodox iconography.

Her sculptures such as her angel with violin are of extraordinary expressiveness and emotion. Yalonetski want to 'touch' and create a dialogue between art and viewer, which is not limited to rational and always incomplete 'understanding'. At the same time this is not what grants her forms an impressive ease.


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