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Manfred Kielnhofer (1967)

This painter, sculptor, designer, and photographer has been pursuing the concept of his mythical guardians since 2006. He has caused a furore in the process. At first, they were in fact simply there, abruptly and unannounced – as at the Biennale in Venice in 2011 and the Documenta XIII in 2012 – and were admired not only by visitors, but also accepted by the curators for a while. Kielnhofer’s “Guardians” have long found their way into innumerable exhibitions and galleries and are represented in famous international collections. However, they are still making their journeys. On the internet, the artist documents their appearance all over the world. In 2015, incidentally, they could be found quite officially during the Biennale in Venice – on Palazzo Mora as part of one of the “eventi collaterali”.


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