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Thomas Schöne (1960)

Thomas Schöne is a jack of all creative trades: at his studio in the Allgäu region, he works as a furniture and jewellery designer, designs and sews dolls, even furnishing entire marionette theatres with his own designs and, in addition, offering his skills as an interior decorator and a painter of trompe l’oeil pictures. Yet all the while, he really – but then, what does “really” mean? – trained and got a degree as a graphic designer who has long made a name for himself as an illustrator of books for children and young adults. Even as a student, he not only concentrated on illustrating, but also tried his hand as a sculptor, and thus he keeps turning out occasional sculptures. Schöne’s conception of himself as a creative artist is also “artisanal” in the sense that he often studies the techniques of great masters and uses them in his own works, whether painting in oils or modelling sculptures. Schöne’s works have been presented in many exhibits at home and abroad.


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