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Veronika Psotková (1980)

Veronika Psotková studied art education in Olomous in the Czech Republic and sculpture at the University of Brno with a prize-winning final project. Even during her studies, her works were shown at no fewer than three solo exhibitions, along with a number of group exhibitions in which she participated or which she even curated. This has continued unabated to the present day – exhibitions at home and abroad are added almost every year. The artist’s work is very extensive. It includes large sculptures as well as small sculptures made of stone, bronze and modern materials, and ranges from more abstract works to life-size portraits (of the composer Smetana, for instance) and representations of young people oriented strictly on the “classical” sculpture, which she occasionally furnished with the technical insignia of the present. Her human bodies shaped with wire, which were assembled, consolidated and correlated to form large-scale installations at various places, also caused a sensation. 


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