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Prof. Ernst Fuchs (1930 - 2015)

Ernst Fuchs, who died in November 2015, always wanted to be a universal artist – and he consistently realised this desire throughout his life. First as a painter and draftsman, when at the age of barely fifteen he was accepted to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and soon founded the legendary “Vienna School of Fantastic Realism” together with such artists as Arik Brauer and Rudolf Hausner. And then also as a plastic designer. From the late 1960s, Fuchs created sculptures that are unique in the world of art. However, in his 85 years of life, Ernst Fuchs demonstrated his creative imagination in other areas, as well: he worked as a set decorator, designer, author, and musician and, like his friend Friedensreich Hundertwasser, posited fundamental reflections on art that met with a very positive response. Yet the artist’s works are unmistakable. They draw on biblical, mythological, and astrological sources, finding their way to a universe of motifs which, despite being often reminiscent of Mannerism, Art Nouveau, and Surrealism, are in the end his very own.


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