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Karin Lutz (1961)

Karin Lutz

Even if Karin Lutz's path to art was not an academic one, it was very straightforward and consistent. It all started with a passion, the creative shaping in clay, which was soon accompanied by courses with masters of this subject. Nude drawings and portraiture were soon added as basic techniques, also supported by established artists. Even at that time, her most important topic was the female figure, which she mainly performed as a full body nude or as a facial portrait.

In 2006 she became a member of the artist group ART5 and finally met the sculptor Anton Frey. He helps her again to expand her means of expression; soon the first works are also made in stone and wood. Karin Lutz developed her hovering elves, who dance in the air every time they pass by, since then she has been gaining new variations on this theme, mostly in clay, often in combination with wood and metal.


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