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David Laugomer (1950)

How does an artist come up with a theme, an idea? It is a question that no one can really answer, even after decades of research in the study of creativity. Biographical explanations would seem to suggest themselves, but they were not the reason that the great Spanish artist Picasso, for instance, kept turning to the motif of the bull, which is often considered to be very ‘Spanish’. David Laugomer’s many years of tireless involvement with the bull motif is equally difficult to explain by the fact that his parents kept several bulls at their home in the Israeli countryside. For both artists, this motif presents itself primarily as a formal Problem. Laugomer takes an abstract approach, illustrating specific characteristics of a bull’s body and accentuating them to the extreme. For him, cattle and above all the bull are a formal challenge. Hence his works are not copies, but rather vary and amplify typical traits in a new way in each artwork. For this reason, in particular, the not only creative, but also technically challenging process results in works such as this one – a bronze that gives the creature a convincing character.


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