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Kaikaoss (1964)

Kabul - Minsk - Köln. These are the stations of life for the artist Kaikaoss. In Kabul, he was born and where he received painting and drawing lessons as a child. First he received lesions privately, and later at the National School of Drawing. A scholarship finally made it possible for the young artist to attend the Art Academy in Minsk (Belarus). After a brief return to the war-torn homeland, he fled to Germany in 1991. He drew attention to himself in an exhibition in Emden in 1992. Since then, numerous exhibitions at home and abroad have followed. Since 2004 Kaikaoss lives and works in Köln.

"Maskerade" (Masquerade) is the first sculptural work of his that has established itself on the international art market,  the sculpture transmits his artistic imagination in the third dimension. Like his works on canvas, it is characterized by an ambiguous, only apparently realistic approach, a style that critics have called "realistic, yet surreal, contemporary yet classic."

Sculptures by Kaikaoss


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