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Maskerade 4.380,00 €


Bronze sculpture details

Is it the portrait of a young woman who has lain down after the exhausting work of gathering, or that of a Goddess who is resting, covered by foliage and fruits? Like so often with Kaikaoss’ works, this question has deliberately been left open to the imagination. Every detail could represent the immediate reality – but also be construed as a symbol. Kaikaoss leaves this decision to the viewer.

Edition in bronze, cast using the lost wax technique, chased and patinated by hand.

Kind bronze
Production technique Lost Wax Technique
Genre Figurative


Kabul - Minsk - Köln. These are the stations of life for the artist Kaikaoss. In Kabul, he was born and where he received painting and drawing lessons as a child. First he received lesions privately, and later at the National School of Drawing. A scholarship finally made it possible for the young artist to attend the Art Academy in Minsk (Belarus).


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Bronzefigur Maskerade von Kaikaoss Bronzefigur Maskerade von Kaikaoss Bronzefigur Maskerade von Kaikaoss