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Valerie Otte (1976)


One can describe Otte's art - as is often the case in figurative sculpture - as a game of eyes at a distance. The playing condition: close observation. Once on the part of the artist. In her work she implements everything that she saw in the world as a gentle emotion, as a small gesture or as a moment of truthfulness and gives it to her works on the way. The viewer, on the other hand, »reads« these traces cast in bronze and soon sees no longer mere sculptures, but personalities. It is a game that trains - not just for art, but also for the world.

Valerie Otte studied sculpture and art history in London and Berlin. This was followed by a diploma in product design in Potsdam - this summed up the approach and the versatility of her work.

As a sculptor, Otte works primarily figuratively in her Berlin studio. Her bronze figures are rarely actually portraits. Rather, they are sensitive character studies of great emotional and psychological depth that allow the viewer a glimpse into their inner workings without exaggerated “pose” simply through soft hints and barely perceptible gestures. Most of the time, Otte's characters are completely self-contained, so that one almost feels as though one is attending an intimate moment.


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