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David Verstege (1973)

Versteges artistic career began with an apprenticeship as a stone sculptor (Ausbildung zum Steinbildhauer) under the tutelage of Gerhard Mayr in Stuttgart. He practiced in the profession for five years (among others, at the state Dombauhütte to Passau), until he finally went to the "state school for craftsmen" (staatlichen Schule für Handweker) in Kaiserslautern, where he completed his master's certificate.

Since then, David Verstege lives and works as a freelance sculptor in Stuttgart. His area of work spreads from the relief to "customized tombs" and free standing sculptures.

He works with a large variety of materials such as bronze, stone, clay, wood or lead. His sculptures can be found in the secular area in gardens and in various cemeteries.


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