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Waldemar Schröder (1949)

The sculptural talent of the native-born Russian Krasnoturinsk Waldemar Schröder was already visible in his childhood days: he was only 10 years old when he received his first award for a 20 cm high woodcarving ("Der Bär als Kontrabassist"). Schröder won a school competition in trade arts and crafts. So it is not surprising that his artistic life was extremely straightforward.

After studying art in Alma Ata, he worked from 1973 to 1993 at the Faculty of Art and Graphics in Moscow as a professor of drawing and sculpture. He created numerous nude sculptures, animal sculptures, portraits and memorial plaques and coins.

His compelling artistic mastery quickly established Schröder in the local art scene after relocation to Germany. Today you can find more than 30 of his sculptures and portraits in public areas around Germany, Schröder has also participated in numerous exhibitions.


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