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Stefan Donhauser (1966)

Stefan Donhauser learned all the rules of the craft when dealing with ceramic. He then trained at the School of Ceramic Design in Höhr-Grenzhausen to become a master student in ceramic design. Since 1993 he has been working successfully as a freelance sculptor: exhibitions at home and abroad documented his award-winning work, which can be found in many places as well as public spaces. Perhaps the best known sculpture among them all is the 7-meter-high statue group "König und Narr" in Dissen. It is considered one of the greatest ever made ceramic figures. What distinguishes Donhausers work is the combination of the highest craftsmanship with subtle humor. His "winning" heads that all have glowing crowns are created with such variations that the figures shine in contrast to the pictorial tradition of no embellished royal dignity. But rather than royal they shine in their human normalcy.


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