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Heinz Morszoeck (1960)

After completing a course in design in Dortmund from 1989 to 1993, Heinz Morszoeck attended the Art Academy in Düsseldorf. Winning prizes even while still a student, he left the Academy as a master pupil of Markus Lüpertz; since then he has been self-employed. Morszoeck is known for many individual and group exhibitions, but also attracted attention by writing the “Parareal Manifesto”, in which he attempts to explore the foundations of his painting by examining the antipodes of realism and abstraction, and concluding (admittedly an abbreviation bordering on the unacceptable) that a painter cannot depict anything with perfect “acuity”, but must trust to the store of images in the mind of the observer and his willingness to make associations. In his sculptures, he also avoids superficial depiction, yet without fleeing into pure abstraction. His “Dog Machine” reveals its construction, making it immediately identifiable; it is not a depiction, but insists on its own reality as a work of art, albeit readable and recognizable.


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