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Martin Schliessler (1928 - 2007)

"Occupation: Adventurer" this is what Martin Schließler called his book which he published in 1972. The book outlines his eventful life. And it was really adventurous: Schliessler, in his youth an excellent climber, worked for decades as a photographer and award-winning documentary filmmaker. He had a special passion for Alaska, where he temporarily lived together with his family.

Being the son of a sculptor couple (Otto and Gertrud Schliessler), Martin always had a key interest in the arts. When his traveling days were forced to decrease because of age, he focused his attention entirely to the painting and sculpture scene.

In the last two decades of his life he created numerous images and more than 50 portrait busts. It was not long until the art world became aware of the sculptor/ filmmaker. Schliessler soon presented his works in a number of exhibitions.

His animal illustrations show the connecting line between documentary and sculpture. It is the exact eye for nature, which made him a precise formulation of the smallest details, and it is the same part of the art of composition of the cameraman who knows how to put his object perfectly into the picture.


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