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Paola Grizi

Paola Grizi-Portrait Paola Grizi-Signatur

Paola Grizi’s grandfather, Piero Grizi (1885 –1976), was a famous painter and sculptor, and her family boasted several ceramic artists. Her passion for the fine arts was therefore awakened at an early age. Her second passion, however, is the “immaterial” art, so to speak. Hence, she first got a degree in Italian literature and worked as a journalist. In all these years, however, she continued to do sculptural work – with constantly growing success.

Her works won international prizes and in 2016 she was chosen together with eleven other artists to produce a work of art in St. Peter’s Basilica. The theme of the written word shows up in her works again and again. For instance, human faces may emerge from a book, or look out from a rolled-up sheet of paper with writing on it. You might say that Grizi brings what is actually invisible and immaterial into the world.


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