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Torso 2.180,00 €


Bronze sculpture details

A work of classical rigour and cool elegance – de Angelis’ “Torso” is deeply rooted in ancient sculpture and yet appears eminently modern.

Edition in bronze, cast using the lost wax technique, chased and patinated by hand.

Kind bronze
Production technique Lost Wax Technique
Genre Archetypes
Style Figurative

Giovanni de Angelis

Giovanni de Angelis grew up in a family of artists on Ischia. His talent and his interest in the fine arts were therefore encouraged early on. At the young age of eleven, he was already considered a “wunderkind” and won his first prize (the Milan “Primo Premio del Fanciullo Artista”, the “First Prize for a Boy Artist”), and the next year, the twelve-year-old spent time at the studio of the renowned sculptor Alexander Zschokke in Basel.

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Bronzefigur Torso von Giovannni de Angelis Bronzefigur Torso von Giovannni de Angelis