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„Mein Einhorn Pegasus – Die Miniatur“ 1.790,00 €

„Mein Einhorn Pegasus – Die Miniatur“

Bronze sculpture details

Where Pegasus rises, ideas flow to the artist. For Fuchs, whose art has always been based on myths, he is also a mixed creature: his Pegasus is also a unicorn.

In his own words: “The constant companion of my arts, the unicorn, is also the originator of all changes. The unicorn is the heraldic sign of my efforts to create the total work of art. Now it has risen to the Pegasus. But the two myths have united in my work, even the horn is in its resemblance to the
Lohengrin’s swan became recognizable from the Grail as a sign of his arrival. My unicorn Pegasus is the symbol of a new dimension of my arts and its synthesis in a total work of art. To the friends of my art and
especially to you – cordially dedicated. “
Ernst Fuchs

Edition in bronze, cast using the lost wax technique, chased and patinated by hand. Limited to 1.999 numbered and signed copies.

Kind bronze
Production technique Lost Wax Technique
Genre Mythology

Prof. Ernst Fuchs

Ernst Fuchs, who died in November 2015, always wanted to be a universal artist – and he consistently realised this desire throughout his life.


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Bronzefigur »Mein Einhorn Pegasus - Die Miniatur« von Ernst Fuchs Bronzefigur »Mein Einhorn Pegasus - Die Miniatur« von Ernst Fuchs