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Bewegtes Herz 5.980,00 €

Bewegtes Herz

Bronze sculpture details

Born in 1967, Serge Perrot is not a sculptor in the classical sense, despite his extensive technical skills in this art form, but a designer and graphic artist. This may be one reason why he likes to avoid the usual opposites in the description of art (abstraction - representationalism, modern design - archaic models, etc.) in his works. Perrot sometimes favours one, sometimes the other and cannot seem to gain anything from the often-circulated contrast between the "coldness" of abstraction and the "warmth" of natural-looking forms.

His new work "Moving Heart" (on a stele made of oiled oak) effortlessly brings both together: One recognises the heart in almost symbolic abstraction, but the detail of the quasi interlocking loop conveys the emotional message to the viewer - this is about abstraction and emotion at the same time, this is about togetherness and love.

Edition in bronze, cast using the lost wax technique, chiselled and patinated by hand. Limited to 24 numbered and signed copies.

Kind bronze
Production technique Lost Wax Technique
Genre Design

Serge Perrot

Serge Perrot

The works of Serge Perrot – not a classical sculptor, but a studied
Designers and graphic designers – are examples of the fact that even the millennia-old Casting and bronze art open new paths into the future.


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Bronzefigur «Bewegtes Herz» von Serge Perrot Bronzefigur «Bewegtes Herz» von Serge Perrot Bronzefigur «Bewegtes Herz» von Serge Perrot