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Serge Perrot (1966)

Serge Perrot

The works of Serge Perrot – not a classical sculptor, but a studied
Designers and graphic designers – are examples of the fact that even the millennia-old Casting and bronze art open new paths into the future. Perrot’s models are created in complex work on the computer, he uses 3D processes to create a shape that would not otherwise be possible.

However, the subsequent casting process hardly differs from traditional bronze casting. However, in order to be able to depict the smallest details and finely branched structures, we resort to ECOCAST® (a fine-liquid casting material) for this type of object.

Perrot’s works could be described as “bionic” inspired small sculptures that produce biologically resembling forms in a highly technical way. They do not represent a concrete natural object, but in their grace and shape they seem as if they could have brought about evolution.


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