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Sigrid Stöcker (1941)

Sigrid Stöcker arrived later than most to the bronze art. She completed her master's examination of ceramics in Landshut, after which she spent many years working as a ceramic artist as well as a teacher. She combined her artistic work with educational activities at the famous "Freie Werkschule Merz" in Stuttgart, or in the context of design of therapeutic interventions for children and teenagers.

Later in her career, she expanded her field of activity to work on the restoration of the Württemberg State Museum in Stuttgart and in the Museum of Antiquities in Berlin. Here, she also worked in various projects with the Glyptothek in Munich and with the art collections in Augsburg.

Sigrid Stöcker has been working as a freelancer since 1971. During the last four decades, extensive amounts of ceramic work was created in her studio, first ornamental painting on cups, plates and vessels using the reduction technique. Later on, she used the classic technique for porcelain faience work, but also for her free sculptural design.

Stöcker found her way to bronze in the 80s. Bronze soon became her preferred means of expression, even if she still dedicates herself to the usage of traditional ceramic and paints. Her work has been presented in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.


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